Artichoke Tea: Surprisingly Beneficial

Herbal remedies have been utilized long before pharmaceutical medicines were made available to us. However, despite a majority of over the counter medications being readily available to us today, there are some who will still prefer to employ the use of traditional herbal remedies. In many cases, herbal remedies are far more convenient to the population today. They can be utilized safely, much of the time without the worry of experiencing harmful side effects. They are also easily available to us, often at reasonable cost. Finally, many herbal remedies, such as herbal teas, can treat specific problems while simultaneously offering many other health benefits to the body as well. The best part about many herbal teas is that they are all natural; many of them are even derived from certain fruits or vegetables.

Artichokes, though typically used in cooking to be served in dips as well as for other uses, can surprisingly offer a tea full of vitamins and minerals. It is generally the roots as well as the head of the artichoke plant that is used to make tea. Artichoke tea is high in vitamins, minerals, as well as antioxidants, all of which are useful for maintaining good health. Drinking artichoke tea can improve tissue development and specific constituents that can be found in artichoke tea such as cynarin, hold many medicinal properties that can offer benefits as well.

Lowering Cholesterol & Blood Sugar

One of the best reasons for drinking artichoke tea is that it can help lower both cholesterol as well as blood sugar levels. This can be particularly beneficial for those who are suffering from diabetes since it can help with the stabilization of blood sugar. The underlying reason for this is that drinking artichoke tea can help stimulate the metabolism, helping to balance the body as well as helping to stimulate appetite. This will also help to maintain a healthy heart, as well as healthy arteries and blood flow.

Gastrointestinal & Bladder Health

Another common problem that artichoke tea can help relieve is common issues with digestion such as stomach aches and pains, nausea, constipation or bloating. This is because this particular herbal tea is good for helping to stabilize the gastrointestinal problem. This may be due to the fact that drinking this tea could help to stimulate the production of bile in the bathroom. Furthermore, artichoke tea has diuretic properties, which can prove useful for those who are looking to relieve symptoms of bladder infections, kidney stones, and other problems that are related to the urinary tract system. The medicinal properties of this tea are also excellent for maintaining good health for the liver.

Other Great Advantages

Drinking artichoke tea regularly has been shown to help promote the health and appearance of skin, hair, and nails as well. For those that suffer from unwanted blemishes or acne breakouts, artichoke tea may be an excellent way to help reduce and prevent these issues and more. It has also been shown that drinking this herbal tea can help you to better absorb certain vitamins and minerals, which is a great advantage for promoting a healthy body.

Preparation: To prepare artichoke tea, take one tea bag and allow it to steep covered in one cup of hot water for a period of 8 to 12 minutes. Afterwards a bit of lemon can be squeezed into the tea to liven up the flavor a bit if desired. Honey can also be added to sweeten the brew if preferred. Always consult a doctor prior to using artichoke tea for any medicinal purposes. It is also recommended to contact a doctor prior to drinking herbal teas if you are currently pregnant, nursing, or on any prescribed medications. Artichoke tea is not intended to diagnose or cure any illness, always contact a doctor if you feel you may be experiencing any serious problems.